Writing When You Might Be Wrong

Hunter Walk

I get asked for blogging tips a lot by other investors or entrepreneurs, most of whom aren’t writing consistently and imagine they should be. “Time” is usually the blocker that everyone identifies but when you press on what exactly that means, it’s less about nothing having a spare 30 minutes and more so about the ridiculously long time it takes them to write something. What’s the culprit behind this cumbersome burden? Not dislike of writing, not desire for perfect grammar, not even lack of topics. No, the issue is often the need to be right. To feel 100% confident in what you’re putting out there and aggrandize the post to encompass the whole history, theory and current state of some topic. Wow, what a mindfuck. My advice is to not worry so much. Instead of writing the definitive post, just pick one aspect and riff a bit. Share what you…

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